Comparing The Levels Of Advanced Street Skills

  Level 101 Level 102 Level 201 Level 300 MMT
  Learn S-M-A-R-T
Cornering Techniques and P.L.A.N. Strategies
Build on the S-M-A-R-T Cornering Process with Advanced Riding Techniques Take the S-M-A-R-T Cornering Process to a Closed Road Course (the track) Customized Private
Training for S-M-A-R-T
A.S.S. Riders
The Motorcycle Mentor Training is for military or professional organizations needing a train the mentor program
Cost $325 $325 $325 $325 Custom Pricing
Prerequisite Prior Formal Training Recommended Level 101 Levels 101 and 102 Recommended Level 101 and pre-training interview Determined by command or local safety office
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Overview Focus on the most critical skills leading to motorcycle crashes including measured threshold braking, traction management concepts, night riding, trail braking, cornering and more… Build on the concepts and skills introduced in the 101 course building on vision based body positioning, advanced braking Take trail braking and predictive cornering to a new level by heading to the track. Designed and coached by street riders master your street cornering skills without the risk and restrictions of riding public roads Customized lesson plan drawing skills from Levels 1-3 to best fit your needs. You are assigned an instructor and work one-on-one . This session has no classroom and consists of only riding sessions utilizing our Control Riders and Coaches. Designed for past students to practice and improve skills.


Level 101

Prerequisite: Prior Formal Training Recommended

S-M-A-R-T Cornering Techniques and Accident Avoidance

The Advanced Street Skills is designed by street riders ... for street riders. This first level of the A.S.S. offers an environment free from traffic so you can concentrate on the skills used for developing the most critical skills missing in crash involved riders. We teach S-M-A-R-T cornering, a uniform and consistent way to approach every corner so you make it through every corner every time even if you have never seen it before and will never see it again. We will clock you on radar and show you exactly how your braking compares to other traffic. Other lessons include improved throttle control, trail braking for the street, reading the road and an introduction to predictive cornering, exit based line selection and night riding. In the classroom you will learn how traction works and how traction loading works.

Here in the Pacific Northwest and along the west coast recent accident research (Endorse Your Sport) is showing that in 2009: 88% of the motorcycle fatalities were the fault of the rider and that 57% were single vehicle. One of the leading causes is "lane error" (i.e. running wide in corners and colliding with trees, cars, guardrails). All riders should look to improve cornering skills.

This is not an event for aspiring racers, rather it is for riders that prefer to spend their time riding in the mountains, down the coast or are just looking to become safer by improving their cornering skills. There are no special bike requirements or restrictions, no need to tape over lights or remove turn signals. We want you to ride what you ride every day. Come join us and learn what S-M-A-R-T cornering is all about.


Level 102

Prerequisite:Level 101

Take it to the Next Level

Level 102 take the lessons from the 101 class and takes them to the next level by developing the secondary advanced skills. Continuing education is the key to survival and expanding your limits is what separates the casual rider from the expert. Learn about traction dynamics, mid-corner braking, braking dynamics, vision based body positioning and so much more. Formatted just like the 101 class students work towards the skills that will make them true experts of the sport.


Level 201

Prerequisite: Levels 101 & 102 Recommended

S-M-A-R-T Cornering Techniques at the Speed of Life

Only so much can be learned on a training pad. The 201 course takes specific lessons on concepts from the 101 and 102 and take them to full speed. Written to be an independent program without any prerequisite riders don’t learn about riding lines but instead learn about how to determine turn points and exits with predictive road reading skills. On the riding skills side the art or trail braking is perfected by isolating the skill needed to use speed related line adjustments, turn points, and how to ride the “lazy” line. This course is about getting every corner perfect even if you only see and ride it one time in your lifetime.


Level 300

Prerequisite: Level 101 and Pre-training Interview

Private On-Road Training for S-M-A-R-T Riders

Riders have completed the prior A.S.S. levels they will have had the opportunity to learn, practice, and refine the S-M-A-R-T cornering techniques. The next step is to take the training to the open road. The 300 level is for riders who are seeking private on-on-one time with an instructor.

In the 300 level training you will receive a custom plan of instruction based on your person needs and goals. We will assign you the instructor that best suits your personal needs.

MMT - Motorcycle Mentor Training

Prerequisite: Determined by Local Command or Safety Office

For mentor quality riders who need mentor certified training credentials

The Motorcycle Mentor Training (MMT) is a series of advanced courses to create subject matter experts (SME) in motorcycle accident prevention by generating behavior modification that can be modeled and taught to high-risk riders. The researched-based MMT training incorporates crash and fatality trends and causal factors, and feedback from military and ARSOF participants who prioritized the most impactful training as being: (i) on-road training, (ii) night-ride training, (iii) maximum/threshold braking at realistic speeds, and (iv) strategic and personalized photo/video review.