Military Training Programs

This page contains the frequently asked questions regarding our 1-day civilian training programs held at Pacific Northwest locations.

For information about military training programs go to the MMT page.

Why is Advanced Street Skills held at a race track?

Puget Sound Safety wanted to offer riders a training event that went beyond the traditional "parking lot" course. We chose to utilize the road course of local race tracks because they are easily setup to mimic typical roads in our state and we can ride them at typical street speeds.

This allows us to have a street-like training environment without the cars, traffic and road debris. The road course surfaces, curve radius and visibility are very similar to local roads.

The A.S.S. events are not about going fast, rather they are about learning and improving cornering technique. They are about riding your street bike at street speeds just like you would on a fun twisty mountain/coastal road. This is not an event for aspiring racers.

I ride a cruiser (or touring) bike. How will Advanced Street Skills help me be a better rider?

Cruiser and touring bikes are notorious for having limited ground clearance and limited lean angles. Scraping floorboards or footpegs is a sign of poor riding technique. The S-M-A-R-T cornering techniques that we teach apply universally to all motorcycles, however they have a far greater benefit for bikes with limited ground clearance and lean angles.

Sportbikes, for example, have ample ground clearance and lean angle and will not come close to those limitations with normal street riding. However, a cruiser can easily use up all ground clearance and lean angle if specific attention is not given to cornering technique.

We frequently receive feedback and comments from cruiser and touring riders about how much better they became at riding through the corners after just the first two riding sessions!

How much does it cost to take Advanced Street Skills?

For 2015 the cost per rider, per event is $295 for Levels 1 through 4. Our new Skills Development Session costs $195 per rider, per event.

Can I have a passenger at Advanced Street Skills?

Yes. Passengers are allowed at Advanced Street Skills in Level 1. There is a $25 fee for having a passenger and they must have the minimum gear requirements as well.

Can I have a camera at Advanced Street Skills?

Yes, certainly bring your camera to take pictures during breaks. For safety you are not permitted to take pictures on the track, except from the grandstands right next to the classroom and pit area.

We always have a professional photographer out on parts of the track taking photos from different locations. For more information visit the Perfect Shotz Photography web site.

You can have a bike mounted camera, but it will have to pass as part of the safety inspection to ensure it is secured to your bike safely.

What must I do to prepare my bike?

See the bike requirements section below.

What kind of riding gear do I need?

See the gear requirements section below.

I don't have a leather suit, will this be a problem?

This is usually not a problem. Refer to the gear requirements section below for detailed information.

When is the next Advanced Street Skills event?

The A.S.S. is a premium level training event and is only scheduled a few times a year. Refer to the schedule page for upcoming dates and locations. You can register for an event online.

Where do you offer Advanced Street Skills events?

Our A.S.S. events take place at closed-course locations that mimic street riding and street speeds. This typically takes us to local and regional road course tracks. We are using the following locations for the 2015 training season:

  • Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA
  • The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA

My bike has saddle bags or luggage, is that okay?

Many riders pack supplies for the day (food, fluids, etc) in a tank bag, tail bag or saddle bags. You can leave these items on your bike during the riding sessions or you can take them off if you prefer. There is an area where you can drop your luggage if you wish, however, we cannot guarantee the safety or security of your items.

What items should I bring with me?

Make sure you have the bike requirements and gear requirements met. We also recommend the following items to make the event more enjoyable/comfortable:

  • Water or sports drinks
  • Sack lunch or snacks
  • Earplugs
  • Weather gear (rain gear, vented gear, evaporative cooling vest, etc)
  • Sunscreen

If you will be bringing your bike on a trailer we also recommend:

  • Sunshade, tent or canopy
  • Chairs
  • Extra fuel
  • Portable tool kit (with tire gauge)

What is your weather policy?

The event will go on regardless of weather. Historically we have had great weather at our events. It rains in Washington state on a regular basis and since the Advanced Street Skills is a technique-focused event for street riding and not about going fast, rain is not a foreseeable problem.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event date for which you have paid you MUST contact us ASAP!

The Terms & Conditions page has details on canceling, rescheduling, and refunds.

Bike Requirements

All motorcycles must go through a safety inspection prior to being allowed to participate in Advanced Street Skills!

  • Tires in good condition (age and tread)
  • No leaking fluids, questionable hoses or fittings
  • No loose bolts, or items that may become loose
  • Overall appearance of a well maintained bike
  • Full tank of fuel

Warning: if your bike does not pass a safety inspection before the mandatory safety meeting at the beginning of the event you will not be allowed to participate in the event. The tuition paid is not refundable in this situation.

Gear Requirements

All riders must have the minimum riding gear requirements prior to being allowed to participate in Advanced Street Skills!

  • Full face US DOT compliant helmet (3/4 and 1/2 helmets are not allowed)
  • Goggles or integrated face shield
  • Full fingered riding gloves with leather palm
  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots
  • Motorcycle riding jacket:
    • cotton or denim material is not acceptable
    • must have armor or padding in shoulders and elbows
    • a back protector or back support is recommended (but not required)
    • pants and jacket that zip together are recommended (but not required)
  • Motorcycle riding pants:
    • cotton or denim material is not acceptable
    • must have armor or padding in knees and butt
    • Level 1: chaps are acceptable only for riders on cruiser motorcycles

Warning: if you do not have the minimum required riding gear prior to your first riding session you will not be allowed to participate in the event. The tuition paid is not refundable in this situation.