About Advanced Street Skills

The Advanced Street Skills Program provides riders the knowledge and ability to use predictive cornering strategies by learning to read every corner accurately every time while also improving cornering skills such as trail braking, speed based lateral push for an exit, extending braking for data acquisition and to better negotiate proper entry and exit speeds. This is not a safety course, but by helping motorcyclists become better riders they become safer riders. All of the lessons and drills relate directly to riding on public roads whether for sport, touring, or just for cruising.

The drills and lessons taught were created to combat the most common reasons for motorcycle crashes and fatalities. The Advanced Street Skills Program provides motorcyclists with the tools to better manage their speed (when, where and how much) and improve their cornering skills. Learn how to get your exit right every time and why the concept of the apex is a thing of the past.

Why Advanced Street Skills

Here in the Pacific Northwest and along the west coast, recent motorcycle crash research is showing that the majority of single vehicle fatalities are the fault of the motorcyclist. One of the leading causes is 'lane errors' (examples are running wide in corners and colliding with trees, cars, guardrails) which is directly addressed through the Advanced Street Skills Program.

This is not a program for aspiring racers, rather it is for riders that prefer to spend their time riding in the mountains, down the coast or are just looking to become safer by improving their braking and cornering skills as well as the ability to read and ride clean lines through corners. There are no special bike requirements or restrictions, no need to tape over lights or remove turn signals, you will ride what you ride every day. Come join us and learn what S-M-A-R-T cornering is all about.